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In addition to federal or state criminal law, as well as corporate law and immigration law, they can help you with a range of custody issues, including: If the outgoing spouses can`t agree, North Carolina law directs the court to decide custody issues based on the “best interests and welfare of the child.” It is rare for a judge to grant sole custody to a parent unless there is convincing evidence of child abuse or neglect. If our lawyers can help outgoing parents develop custody agreements before they go to court, we can make a consent order based on the agreement. The consent order is drafted in such a way that the agreement is enforceable and misunderstandings or disagreements are less likely to occur later. The consent order can then be ratified by the court as part of the final divorce order. The psychological aspects of family law are also very complex. Dealing with conflicting families, often emotional and very busy, requires special sensitivity and a wide range of skills. In addition to factual knowledge, a good family law lawyer must also have the ability to listen, advise, investigate, negotiate, plan, draft, defuse conflicts, advocate and, if necessary, plead. Recognizing that out-of-court settlements are far preferable for their clients, and with the increasing burden on court records, more and more practitioners are using alternative dispute resolution procedures, including mediation, arbitration, and private evaluation. If a non-custodial parent refuses to return the child, it is important to keep communication open and encourage the person to return the child without further delay. Refusing to comply with a court order could have serious consequences.

The lawyers at Charles R. Ullman & Associates in Raleigh have extensive experience in drafting satisfactory parenting arrangements. We ensure that the custody plan in your case promotes the best interests of your child and protects your rights and goals as a parent. We will work aggressively to get the results you are looking for. Custody of children may include both legal and physical custody. A parent may have legal and physical custody, or parents may share custody of their children. In North Carolina, grandparents can apply for custody of children. In certain circumstances, grandparents may be entitled to visitation rights. Although the parties may contractually agree outside the custodial court, the court still has the option of determining the best interests of the children. Any parent can apply for an amendment to a child support agreement if circumstances have changed significantly since the last order. The parent must prove a material change in circumstances since the last order.

A judge who agrees that the changes are significant can change the child support agreement. Regardless of the areas of business they focus on, it is very unusual for law firms to publicly list their pricing structure, and Graser Smith, PLLC is no exception. However, based on client feedback, we can assume that their prices are within the norm for quality lawyers. I would not refuse to visit the parents because no child allowance is paid. If custody and assistance has been ordered by the judge and you refuse to visit each other, you may find yourself in a situation where you have both violated the court order (one for custody of the children and the other for non-payment of child support). If you`re a parent considering separation and divorce in Wake County or downtown North Carolina, Kurtz & Blum`s experienced attorneys in Raleigh can help you negotiate fair custody and visitation arrangements. We can also work with you on child support issues that may arise if you develop an appropriate parenting plan. If necessary, we may bring an action on your behalf to issue a court order for appropriate arrangements. Sometimes, although both parents love the child, there is a disagreement about custody and a hearing is needed. Our experienced family law lawyers help parents protect their relationship with their children and convince the judge that the custody arrangements offered by our clients are best suited to meet the needs of the children. If the non-custodial parent does not return the child at your request, you may need to file a civil order with the court that allows for law enforcement intervention. A court order could then allow the police to take custody of the child and return it to you.

Child custody is the set of rights and obligations that parents share with regard to the general well-being, education, religion and medical care of their children. Physical custody involves living with the child. Custody is the power to make decisions about the child`s life. Custody of minor children after a divorce in North Carolina takes two forms: North Carolina also allows grandparents to take custody of their minor grandchildren by court order if they can prove that both parents are unfit or neglected the child. Grandparents may also be granted access rights if they can prove that the parents have an ongoing custody dispute and that the presence of the grandparents would be in the best interests of the child. However, the mistake of hiring a combative on-call lawyer can cause great emotional damage to your former partner, just as it can hurt you and your child. Choose the lawyer who represents you wisely. I hope this article has brought you closer to that. Good luck! If you need help with a custody case, schedule a consultation with Kurtz & Blum`s knowledgeable family law lawyers today.

We can advise you on legal issues and help you focus on what is really best for your child. Criminal convictions could become relevant to some custody decisions, as all court decisions are intended to serve the best interests of the child. Some types of convictions carry more weight than others, depending on the case: there are only certain limited circumstances in North Carolina that would allow a party to obtain the annulment. If the parties are closer to the first cousins or between cousins and second cousins, you can apply to the court for annulment. If one of the parties was married and is under 16 years of age, cancellation may be considered if there are no children or if the woman is not pregnant with the child. We can help you apply for sole physical/legal custody or joint physical/legal custody of your child. If you are denied custody, we can work to obtain access rights that will allow you to have quality parental leave with your child and allow your relationship to flourish. If the court initially ordered the payment of family allowances, the appropriate remedy is to file an application for non-compliance for non-payment of the required dependent child allowance. We are compassionate lawyers dedicated to securing custody arrangements that meet the needs of parents and their children. Call us today or use our online contact form.

We will be happy to advise you in complete confidentiality. A Raleigh custody attorney at Charles R. Ullman & Associates understands that determining custody of your children is one of the most emotionally charged parts of a divorce. Both parents will want to spend as much time as possible with their children. They will also want to have a say in important decisions that affect their child`s life. Finding a solution that meets the needs of everyone involved can be challenging. But it`s a challenge you can face. No matter what it may sound like, arguing with a partner doesn`t have to be someone`s fault, but if there`s someone you can blame, it doesn`t mean they should be punished. It is important to remember that everyone involved in the procedure is likely to suffer, especially children.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate custodial lawyers have worked with parents who have experienced consensual and difficult divorces. Whatever your situation, we can help you protect your rights and the well-being of your children. We can help you prove to a judge that you will protect and promote the best interests of the child. We have experience in collecting and presenting evidence that directly addresses the factors that a court will analyze to determine custody of the child. A criminal conviction is not necessarily inadmissible to detention, but it will often be a factor in custody cases. In a Custody case in North Carolina, both parents start with the same right to share joint custody of their children. A judge orders final agreements based on what he or she feels is best for the children, but in most cases, the judge will accept an agreement submitted by both parents. Family law is a specialized area that deals with issues arising from domestic relationships of all kinds, including marriage, life-sharing partnerships, civil partnerships and other traditional and non-traditional family structures.

The dissolution of these relationships through divorce or separation involves issues most often dealt with by family law practitioners, in particular the custody and visitation of children, the division of assets and liabilities between the parties, and spousal support and child support. Other often related aspects of a family law practice include domestic violence, paternity, annulment, adoption, surrogacy, child abduction (domestically and abroad), termination of parental rights, and matrimonial and post-marital arrangements. The laws and jurisdiction of the various States govern most internal affairs, although there are also uniform laws adopted by all States, as well as international treaties relating to filiation, custody, parental abduction and maintenance enforcement. .